Florida Premier 8-man Football League


The Florida Premier 8-Man League will launch it's inaugural season on 7/29/19, with the first competition 8/30/19. VICIS has partnered with the SSAC to make this league a reality! VICIS' mission of protecting the athlete and elevating the game will continue with this opportunity for small schools in Florida!

The New 8-man football league will closely align with the current FBS/FCS regular football season dates of August to November, with the 8-man state championship being held in mid November. Many small schools share athletes from sport to sport, and ending the 8-man season at this time will allow schools to take advantage of the availability of athletes for other sports.


Here are just a few ways your team will benefit by participating in our New 8-man football league: 

  • Our reputation for providing a level playing field and good sportsmanship for all it's membership
  • We strictly enforce our policies and rules- including roster size for all teams 
  • We strictly enforce eligibility of players participating
  • Our teams fulfill their commitment to play games as scheduled
  • Our season finishes in November- allowing basketball and soccer athletes to not miss valuable time for their sport.
  • Media recognition of our teams and champions (Significant regional media coverage of the games and events)
  • Parity and positive game experience across the league
  • Up to date website with schedules, scores, resources and more
  • Athletes get more exposure to college coaches
  • Partnerships with National Companies allows our members to get access and discounts for needed products and services, like Under Armour, BSN Sports, VICIS helmets, Adrenaline Fundraising and more
  • Regional scheduling (less travel)
  • Exposure for your programs through social media, website and print media, as well as broadcast media
  • Broadcast of the 2019 State Championship Game
For more information about how your team can participate in the SSAC for football, please contact Jason@sunshinestateathletics.com.

                                                                                                   2019 SSAC Football Brackets