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SSAC Adds 8-man football in 2019-2020

September 25, 2018

The SSAC’s focus is to promote good sportsmanship and fair play for all participants, and strives to maintain high standards and a level playing field, so all its members and student-athletes have the opportunity to succeed. The SSAC meets the athletic needs of our member schools, and those who desire to offer their student-athletes the opportunity to experience “Competition Without Compromise”. In keeping with these goals, the SSAC is excited to announce the addition of an 8-man tackle football league for 2019-2020. 

In addition to a level playing field and good sportsmanship, adding 8-man football will allow schools the opportunity to have their seasons more closely coincide with the regular football season dates of August to November, with the 8-man state championship being held in mid November. Many small schools share athletes from sport to sport, and ending the 8-man season at this time will allow schools to take advantage of the availability of athletes for other sports. The 8-man football league season will mirror our existing 11-man league structure, consisting of a pre-season game, 10 regular season games and playoffs. 

The SSAC tackle football offerings for 2019-2020: 11-Man Football:
Florida Bowl Series (Upper Classification)
Florida Championship Series (Lower Classification) 8-Man Football:

Florida Premier 8-Man Football Series 

For more information about how your team can participate in the SSAC for football, please contact . ;